Cat S62 Pro Tough Phone with Thermal Imaging Camera

The Cat S62 Pro is a sturdy mobile phone for construction site use or notorious droppers. The extraordinary super function, however, is the improved thermal imaging camera with unimagined possibilities.

The Third Generation: Cat S62 Pro

In 2016, the Bullitt Group launched the Cat Phone S60 under the sender of the world-famous construction machinery brand Caterpillar, which caused a sensation with its thermal imaging camera, which is usually more expensive on its own than in combination with an Android smartphone.

Cat S62 Pro Tough Phone with Thermal Imaging Camera
Cat S62 Pro Tough Phone with Thermal Imaging Camera

The Cat S61 followed in 2018 with laser distance measurement and air quality sensors. The Cat S62 Pro is now concentrating again on the thermal imaging camera has amazing capabilities that not only firemen, police officers, plumbers, farmers, and car mechanics are happy about.

Cat S62 Pro: Get to Work

The Cat S62 Pro is a work device in the narrower sense and not a classic outdoor cell phone, although it is waterproof and dustproof according to IP68, exceeds the military standard MIL-SPEC 810H and can withstand falls from 1.8 meters on steel. The frame is made of steel, the back is made of non-slip thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

The S62 Pro is not exactly elegant, unusually wide and thick, but still grippier than some glass super smartphones. In any case, you don’t need a protective cover here. At most, fingerprints remain on the display, which is also protected by a raised surrounding frame that is annoying when swiping over the edge.

Compared to modern smartphones, the edge around the screen is huge. 6.2 millimeters between the outer edge and the screen are only surpassed by the Land Rover Explore. The Cat S62 Pro measures 158.5×76.7×11.9 millimeters and weighs 248 grams. In view of the special capabilities, the usual cell phone specs are just as irrelevant as the question of whether Wolverine has additional dental insurance.

Display in the Cat S62 Pro

The bright LC display in 18:9 format should be particularly break-proof and is located under Gorilla Glass 6. With a diagonal of 5.7 inches, the FHD+ resolution (2160×1080) is completely okay.

Why not an OLED? On the one hand, it would be more expensive and on the other hand, Cat Phones has gained a lot of experience with break-proof LCDs. The touchscreen can also be operated with wet fingers or gloves.

Cat S62 Pro: Storage and Features

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 ensures sufficient speed. The benchmarks are therefore on par with mid-range phones like the Sony Xperia 10 II or the Moto G Pro. The memory is 6 and 128 gigabytes (expandable via microSD).

The Cat S62 Pro comes with Android 10 ex-works, the update to Android 11 is also promised, as is at least three years of security updates. The battery is properly sized with 4,000 mAh.

In addition to LTE, NFC, and Bluetooth 5, the FM radio can be heard on the construction site if necessary. There is also a 12-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel front camera for hot selfies in front of the furnace – or something like that.

Third Generation Thermal Imaging Camera

The Cat S62 Pro is equipped with “Thermal by FLIR technology“. The “FLIR Lepton 3.5” sensor has quadrupled the number of thermal points from 5,000 to 20,000 compared to its predecessor. The temperature range covered is between -20 and +400 degrees Celsius.

Images are now even more detailed, the sharpness should be 30 percent better, the field of view is enlarged by 10 percent. Thermal photos have a resolution of 1440×1080 pixels. The MyFLIR-Pro app enables the combination of visible and thermal images via MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging).

FLIR App: Evaluate Photos Later

Once you have taken a photo with the FLIR app, you can determine the temperature at certain points afterward, define areas or use other settings or filters. You can even fine-tune the position of the overlay afterward. Tremendously practical. Reports can be sent as pdf or notes can be made.

The areas of application are diverse; thermal imaging technology is independent of visible light and works day and night. Sampling with another surface thermometer from the test laboratory came up with practically identical values.

The application is very easy. The cell phone tries to use the entire color range for better differentiation: black is the coldest, then it becomes white (how hot) over blue, purple, red, orange, yellow at some point.

Areas of application

What can you see with it? Embers in the fire department, animals in the dark, drafts, leaks, hot or overheated car parts, or even identifying feverish people. A photo of the gas bottle while grilling shows whether the fill level is nearing the end, a photo of the grate reveals whether the right grilling temperature has been reached.

When checked, the Cat S62 Pro not only shows whether the front passenger seat was still occupied but under certain circumstances even shows where a person is crouching in the bushes or where Fiffi has done his business in the undergrowth. So something for everyone.

The Cat S62 Pro detects surface temperatures up to a distance of 30 meters.

It’s German but visit here for detailed test results.

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