Crysis Remastered for PS4 & Xbox One

While we have been able to play the Crysis Remastered on the Switch since the end of July, there was no detailed information about the release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That has now changed. According to developer Crytek, we can already see in September how the sci-fi shooter has done over the years on the more powerful consoles.

When will Crysis be released for PS4 & Xbox One? The official release date is September 18, 2020.

Crysis Remastered for PS4 & Xbox One
Crysis Remastered for PS4 & Xbox One

If you want to know what impression the remastered left on the Switch, take a look at the GamePro test:

The innovations in the Crysis Remastered

Probably the most interesting technical innovation on the consoles is the use of software-based ray tracing on PS4 and Xbox One. What else will change according to the developers, among other things, we have listed here for you:

  • Ray-traced (water) reflections
  • New 8K textures
  • HDR support
  • Motion blur
  • Improved light and particle effects
  • Global illumination (SVOGI)
  • SSDO
  • Temporal anti-aliasing

You can see how fantastic it all looks in the game in the new trailer for the Crysis Remastered:

What is Crysis?

In 2020 you will go with an elite squad to a fictional tropical island to free a team of archaeologists from captivity by the North Korean occupiers. However, it quickly becomes clear that a mystical, far more powerful species is up to mischief on the island.

Purely in terms of gameplay, Crysis mixes classic elements of a first-person shooter with optional stealth passages. The game world itself seems quite open, but you will be guided through the missions on mostly linear paths.

How did you like the pictures from the trailer? Will you be playing the shooter again on PS4 or Xbox One?

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