Fortnite – New Universe of The Marvel Heroes

The new season in Fortnite is just around the corner. There are some prominent comic heroes. Apple users will not notice any more of this.

A whole group of Marvel superheroes is beamed away from nowhere. Her colleague Thor brought her into the Fortnite world, where her colleagues apparently have a lot to do for the new season.

Fortnite - New Universe of The Marvel Heroes
Fortnite – New Universe of The Marvel Heroes

However, Wolverine & Co. don’t even know what their mission is, which is why they switch to battle mode immediately. Thor can just prevent a tough fight and informs the superheroes why they are actually here. The real enemy is Galactus the world devourer.

In the Nexus War, the superheroes are supposed to ally with the players in order to defeat the chaos-creating villain and thus save the world and reality.

Fortnite Season 4 First Teaser for with Marvel

With such a setting, the Battle Pass will of course be completely geared towards the Marvel heroes. Ironman skins are just as much a part of it as Wolverine’s banana claws or Rocket Racoon.

Fortnite, No Superhero Party for Apple

Apple users have to do without all this news Fortnite. The reason for this is the dispute between Epic Games and Apple over the store conditions, in which no one has wanted to give in so far.

To increase the pressure on Apple, Epic Games is now going one step further and will not deploy its update for both mobile phones and desktop devices, although the App Store restriction does not apply to macOS.

Fortnite players on Apple devices can still play among themselves, but can no longer compete against gamers on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows or Android. Epic has confirmed that.

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