Genshin Impact – Release Date Confirmed

miHoYo announced at Gamescom that their open-world action RPG title Genshin Impact is coming to PS4 in September. PS4 players can quickly explore the breathtaking, endless world of Teyvat, alone or even across platforms with friends.

In the last interview, the developers at miHoYo talked about the inspiration for the huge, cross-platform open-world project, their efforts to depict a wonderfully detailed and haunting fantasy world, and the plans to further enrich the gaming experience.

Genshin Impact - Release Date Confirmed
Genshin Impact – Release Date Confirmed

With Genshin Impact, miHoYo takes players into the breathtaking landscapes of Teyvat, where seven gods rule over seven elements. The players slip into the role of the mysterious traveler who goes on a search for answers in order to find his lost relatives and finally to uncover the last secrets that are hidden in this world.

Players can explore the wondrous world of diverse cultures and landscapes, team up with a variety of companions, each with unique element-based powers, and solve the riddles and mysteries of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact on Console Platforms

As miHoYo’s first game to appear on console platforms, miHoYo also mentioned the challenges of developing a cross-platform game in an interview and confirmed that it would continue to improve the game through constant updates.

Technical director of Genshin Impact, Yi Zhenzhong said:

We will continue to receive feedback from our players, improve the performance and stability of the PlayStation 4, and deliver a better gaming experience in both single and multiplayer modes.

Other new functions are still in development and our goal is to achieve comprehensive improvements in graphics and overall visual effects in future updates.

All Genshin Impact players who play on PS4 will receive exclusive items, including the Sword of Childbirth and Wings of Childbirth.

Genshin Impact will be released on September 28 for PS4 and is also available for mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.

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