Amazing Hogwarts Legacy – Harry Potter Game for PS5

During the PS5 event, a new game in the Harry Potter universe was announced, completely by surprise. The title goes by the name of Hogwarts Legacy and tells the history of the well-known book and film series.

Amazing Hogwarts Legacy - Harry Potter Game for PS5
Amazing Hogwarts Legacy – Harry Potter Game for PS5

The first leaked gameplay scenes from the game were already released in October 2018.

The open-world title is developed by Portkey Games, the studio that was founded in 2017 to develop new offshoots in the Harry Potter franchise.

When will Hogwarts Legacy be Released?

The game should be released in 2021. For which platform is the game released? At the time of the news, only a PS5 version has been confirmed. However, the game is not exclusive.

You can watch the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy here

For many months it has been speculated that a new game in the Harry Potter universe is in development. In 2019 there was, among other things, a major leak that revealed many details about the game.

As soon as we receive new information, we will adapt this news accordingly.

How do you like the trailer and would you have expected this announcement?

Hogwarts Legacy – Writing for the Wizarding World in the 1800s

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