Incredible Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition – Transparent TV from Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s TV portfolio in this country is limited to the budget range. In China and India, however, the manufacturer has significantly more televisions in its range. To celebrate the company’s ten-year anniversary, the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition was presented alongside the Mi 10 Ultra. The name implies it – the television is see-through.

Incredible Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition - Transparent TV from Xiaomi
Incredible Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition – Transparent TV from Xiaomi

How does it work, what does it bring and what else can the television do? For 50,000 yuan there must be some decisive added value, right?

A See-Through Television: How Does It Even Work?

Well, definitely not with an LC display. The liquid crystals would have to be illuminated by a backlight and making them transparent would probably be impossible. Xiaomi is once again relying on OLED technology, which is now used in a variety of different devices. In contrast to LCDs, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) do not require any additional lighting because they are self-illuminating.

Xiaomi has completely relocated the technology normally installed behind the display to the stand in order to make the back cover obsolete, so to speak. This is said to have brought a large number of technical challenges with it, but they were necessary for the implementation of the project.

In addition, Xiaomi is the number one OBM manufacturer (OLED Basic Module) in China anyway and was only able to make this effort because of this.

And what does it all bring? The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is able to display screensavers and other elements as if they were floating in the room. If nothing is played on the television, a butterfly, for example, can be displayed in the middle of the picture, while the areas around it remain transparent. While this has no real benefit in use, it looks pretty cool. Xiaomi speaks of the fact that the fiction of the futuristic films of the last decades has now become a reality.

What Technology Does the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition Offer?

A clear display is all well and good, but in order for more than a handful of people to put on the table, the television has to offer a few other things. The Mi TV LUX doesn’t necessarily do that.

At 5.7 millimeters, the screen is incredibly thin, as all the technology has moved into the stand with an integrated soundbar. The OLED panel, however, has a resolution of Full HD. After all, the refresh rate is a very good 120 Hertz. Xiaomi also speaks of a response time of a millisecond.

We probably don’t need to mention that the contrast of OLEDs is beyond any doubt. Incidentally, MIUI for TV is used as the operating system. The manufacturer names a configurable always-on display as a special feature of the operating system.

Otherwise, you get Bluetooth 5.0, 3 HDMI connections, and 2 USB ports. Xiaomi specifies 190 watts as power consumption. In addition, a webcam is integrated into the TV.

Is the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition worth it?

You can probably answer this question yourself by now.

The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition should show what is technically possible. Just like the Mi Mix Alpha, the television should be understood more as a concept – it will certainly not be a volume model. Hopefully, Xiaomi can keep its promises this time and actually produce a small series and deliver it to interested parties.

From August 16, 2020 (today) the TV will be available for order in China.

Turning moment for TV industry: Xiaomi Unveils Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition

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