PlayStation VR 2: Next-gen Headset

According to a job posting at Sony, the company is currently looking for an employee to lead the development of a new headset for next-gen VR. That’s a pretty clear indication that we’re getting a PlayStation VR 2 for the Playstation 5.

PlayStation VR 2: Next-gen Headset
PlayStation VR 2: Next-gen Headset

There have been rumors for months that the PS5 will get its own virtual reality headset just like the Playstation 4. Now we have received a very clear indication that this device is already in the works.

Apparently PlayStation VR 2 is coming

According to the job posting at Sony in Japan, an employee is to be hired to take over the management of the “development of a headset for next-generation VR”. This headset should be produced with a view to the next five years and offer not only good graphics but also appropriate user-friendliness.

So Sony wants to bring a new VR headset onto the market. It can be assumed that it is in “PSVR 2” for the PS5. It was actually clear that Sony VR would not give up. We don’t yet know what the new headset will have to offer. It might not only be important that it has a high resolution, but also that it has an easy-to-use and innovative controller.

The Move controllers worked but weren’t ideal for controlling a VR game. There are now much better VR controllers. Maybe Sony will be inspired by the solutions from HTC or Steam as well as Oculus VR.

It is not known when we can expect the new VR headset. The development may only start now with the hiring of the new employee. PSVR does not appear until about two years after the launch of the Playstation 4. It is conceivable that this is similar to PSVR 2 and that we will only receive the headset two years after the launch of the PS5.

PS5 Next-Gen PSVR Headset Is Already In the Works

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