Pokémon Go Makers Want to Show The Strengths of 5G

San Francisco (DPA) – The makers of the popular online game Pokémon Go are teaming up with several large cell phone companies to develop new applications for super-fast 5G data transmission. Deutsche Telekom is one of the partners.

Pokémon Go Makers Want to Show The Strengths of 5G
Pokémon Go Makers Want to Show The Strengths of 5G

This is about so-called augmented reality, in which virtual objects are displayed on a screen in the real environment. The developer company Niantic uses the technology in their games like Pokémon Go. Together with the mobile communications companies, the possibilities of 5G in conjunction with augmented reality (AR) are to be demonstrated, said Niantic boss John Hanke on Tuesday.

For example, it will be easier to permanently place virtual objects in one place, which can then be viewed by different users. The advantages of 5G for AR applications are extremely short response time and the ability to transmit larger amounts of data to more users at the same time without overloading the network.

The first demo applications are to be presented to consumers by the end of the year, and over time they will come into new – or even existing – Niantic games, said Hanke. That should make sense in one to two years when 5G networks are expanded.

Telecom companies see AR as an application that can show consumers the benefits of 5G. There are mind games, for example, about the possibility of showing additional information at sporting events.

Pokémon Go Phenomenon

After its launch in summer 2016, Pokémon Go had become a worldwide phenomenon. While the big hype subsided after the first year, there is still a large community of active gamers.

Niantic makes money selling virtual items and in-game add-ons. Hanke said:

We have a very good year in terms of sales and usage.

The corona crisis initially led to a slump because users spent less time outside. With new functions that made playing at home easier, the business was boosted again.

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