Samsung and Apple have joined hands to launch futuristic TVs in the market

On the 6th of January 2019, mobile giant Samsung made a public announcement that the company’s smart televisions will support AirPlay 2 and iTunes content. Authorities of Apple further conveyed a message through social media that users can now easily connect their iPhones and Mac straight to AirPlay 2 enabled televisions, to be launched by Samsung.

The concerning authority further told that users can share most of the items and videos on their smart TVs and can enhance their entertainment level.

Samsung and Apple have joined hands to launch futuristic TVs in the market
Samsung and Apple have joined hands to launch futuristic TVs in the market

Concerning the authority of Apple further discussed several technicalities and features which users can avail through Samsung’s smart television.

The authority discussed topics viz. Siri integration and control of widgets even on a locked iPhone. According to the news, smart televisions will work on a similar pattern to AirPlay speakers.

Users can ask for assistance from Siri so that they could enjoy different programs on their television screen, inside a particular room. Users can get enthralled and entertained with Siri assistance while they watch excellent quality graphics and sounds on their ultra 4K and 8K smart televisions.

Excellent Services of Samsung and Apple

In a recent news conference, Won-Jin Lee, an executive VP of Samsung told the reporters’ that the company feels honored by working in a joint venture with Apple. The vice president also told the reporter that the current scenario is a great opportunity for users to avail of the excellent services of Samsung and Apple.

Furthermore, the senior VP of Apple told the newsagents that with the help of a joint venture with Samsung, Apple is planning to provide its impeccable services to its wide range of users around the world. The vice president of Apple further told the press that their new endeavor will help users to get excellent and unmatched services of the company on the big, high-quality television screens.

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