Samsung is Ready to Launch CRG9 Second Generation Monitor

Samsung is ready to launch its CRG9 second generation monitor. Samsung is well known for making its contributions with advanced technology. As you know that  Samsung always keeps on innovating itself to make more and more advanced featured devices. So, the brand is ready to launch its second-generation monitor for gaming purposes. It is the curved monitor to give you a wide sight for a better gaming experience. The CRG9 monitors are the latest introduction with many latest features to have the best gaming experience.

Samsung is Ready to Launch CRG9 Second Generation Monitor
Samsung is Ready to Launch CRG9 Second Generation Monitor

The panel is about the 49” VA which is usually not very much common with the other ones. It can give you a native resolution of about 5120*1440 to increase the flagship gaming. The backlights are given with the local dimming for better performance, and it is enriched with the quantum dots.

CRG9 Second Generation Monitor

Most importantly the pixel density is 108.54 PPI. The color gamut is DCI-P3. The brightness is also improved to the 100cd/meter square. The response timing of the monitor is about 4ms which is very well for the ones who are really impatient while gaming.

If you will talk about connectivity, then it has two display ports, a headphone connector, and an HDMI port. The audio is giving you 3.5mm of input and the output.

Samsung has not cleared anything about the Dolby version, but it is actually known to support the HDR10. For the fair trade-off, Samsung has reduced its refreshing rate from 144HZ to 120HZ. The panel is actually featuring a brightness of about 1000 nits.

Since Samsung has not disclosed anything regarding the opening of the date of the sale but still it is expected to be launched very soon. The price has also not been disclosed. There is no official information on how the price is going to be set.

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