Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Gaming News

The adventure Sherlock Holmes Chapter One has received new video material. In addition, some details got through, for example for information on playing time.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - Gaming News
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Gaming News

Frogwares has released additional footage for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. Some excerpts from the game world and previously unpublished details are presented in the clips. You don’t get to see meaningful gameplay scenes.

After the trailer has started, you can see some of the new locations and crimes that you have to face in an island setting that on the surface looks like “a Mediterranean paradise”. But in the end, the locations are full of dark secrets, bizarre crimes, and a twisted justice system.

The island on which Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is set in a world of crime and social and economic inequality in which the law is often only a hint and the islanders “regularly take the law into their own hands – whereby the police turn a blind eye at the request of the local overlords ”.

The Playing Time

A few words were also lost during the season of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Lead Narrative Designer Antonina Melnykova explained:

Currently, we are assuming that the main story will take around 15 hours to complete,     while the complete playthrough will be closer to the 30-40 hour mark.

According to the manufacturer, the adventure includes five main quests that span several hours, and more than 30 side quests of different sizes and complexity, each of which offers a moral choice.

There are several suspects in each of the main quests of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. And whether you can find the right person depends on your qualities as a detective. You can interpret clues in different ways, which can lead to different theories. Some of these theories are simpler and more convenient than the others, but that doesn’t mean they are correct.

When you’ve found your suspect, whether or not he is the right person, you have a chance to decide his fate. Justice on the island is a little twisted and our goal is to avoid black and white morality so that it is possible that you will want to side with the culprit.

Melnykova continued.

Restore Your Villa

No less interesting: the protagonist has his own, but run-down villa on the island. You can restore them and decorate them with goods from local vendors. In addition, some rooms in the mansion will not be accessible until later and will help unlock the secrets about Sherlock and his family.

You can also buy or find outfits for Sherlock during the game. Some will be cosmetic and will only change the appearance of the protagonist, while others will be needed to complete quests.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is currently in the pre-alpha stage. You can count on the first gameplay scenes in November or December. The final launch should take place sometime in 2021 for PC, PS4., PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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