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Spider-Man Miles Morales – Spider Adventure Preview for PS5

Spider-Man Miles Morales - Spider Adventure Preview for PS5
Spider-Man Miles Morales - Spider Adventure Preview for PS5

With Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, one of the hottest-anticipated PS5 titles will appear right at the launch of the next-gen console. Again we end up in New York, but not in the form of Peter Parker, but in that of the new weirdo Miles Morales. As part of the unveiling of the Playstation 5, Sony revealed a lot of new information about the arachnid excursion. We summarize them in our preview including video!

Spider-Man Miles Morales - Spider Adventure Preview for PS5
Spider-Man Miles Morales – Spider Adventure Preview for PS5

Almost two years ago, the developers of Insomniac Games laid out the blueprint for a really successful superhero game with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The friendly spider man from the neighborhood played fluently, Manhattan, as a game world offered a huge number of employment opportunities, and the story did not have to hide from current MCU films.

So it was only logical that the makers would announce a successor at some point. It was first introduced in June with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. As part of the PS5 showcase, we got more information about the open-world action-adventure.

As the name suggests, the focus of the new superhero adventure is the young Miles Morales. Fans know it from the alternative Ultimate Marvel universe, which was launched in 2011 by comic book author Brian Michael Bendis.

A New Spider is in Town

But he is also no stranger to the video game world, Morales has already played his own video game adventure on the PS2 and also appeared in the PS4 Spider-Man, where he goes through the almost typical heroic story. His father is killed by the villain Mr. Negative, he himself was bitten by a genetically modified spider and then trained by his idol Peter Parker.

The story of Spider-Man Miles Morales is set in New York again, this time about a year after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man and its DLC series The City That Never Sleeps. It’s winter, Christmas is just around the corner and while the city shines in the beauty of the snow, a war breaks out between an energy company and a criminal high-tech army – in the middle of Harlem, the home of Miles, of all places.

A Full Adventure?

The scope of the superhero adventure was not entirely clear for a long time: In the meantime, there was the only talk of a new edition of the PS4 game with a few additional missions.

The developers have now cleared up this misunderstanding: Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be a fully standalone title comparable to Uncharted The Lost Legacy. That is, probably for about seven to nine hours. This means that the game is based on the predecessor and is not a classic second part, but not just a DLC.

Creative director Brian Horton also promises a new story, new quests, and new enemies. In the course of the game, Peter Parker will appear again and again as a mentor and teacher. Even so, according to Insomniac Games, Miles is his own Spider-Man with unique animations, movements, and skills.

Talents of Spider-Man Miles Morales

In the almost seven-minute gameplay demo that Sony showed during the PS5 showcase, first impressions could already be seen. Miles is competing against a new villain, the Tinkerer, among other things. In the fight against the brilliant scientist, the spider man relies above all on his powerful bio-electrical poison attacks.

With the new, rechargeable camouflage ability, there will also be a kind of stealth option again. Otherwise, Spider-Man Miles Morales relies on much of what made the PS4 predecessor so popular.

An acrobatic combat system with lots of opponents that you can bring down with nimble, powerful combinations; fluid net shot and swing mechanics with which you move through the whole new snowy neon world of Harlem; and of course occasional, spectacularly staged quick-time event sequences.

In the demo, for example, Miles has to hold two parts of a falling bridge together, which is done by well-timed or quick button presses. Skills, gadgets, and different costumes with individual peculiarities are apparently also part of the game again. After all, the pre-order bonuses promise additional skill points and outfits.

Swing More Beautifully

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be on sale on November 19th, so it will be available at the launch of Playstation 5.

Incidentally, it should also appear for the Playstation 4, so Miles Morales’ swing adventure is not entirely PS5-exclusive. Of course, the next-gen version comes with a number of advantages.

The SSD means you can expect much shorter loading times, and you can look forward to ray tracing, 3D audio, and the haptic feedback with the help of the Dualsense controller.

Which PS5 launch title are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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