Street Fighter 5 Update 3.03

Capcom has released the Street Fighter 5 update, which can be used on PS4 and PC.

Street Fighter 5 Update 3.03
Street Fighter 5 Update 3.03

Street Fighter 5 Update 3.03 Patch Notes


Fixed an issue with some moves that caused recoverable damage equivalent to chip damage when blocked when the amount of recoverable damage would be the same as a hit.

Changes in Dhalsim and Guile

In the last update, arrangements have been made to expand the hitboxes along with the board.

This was to prevent characters from using actions like a step forward to gain access to an opponent’s attack and avoid damage despite close range.

However, this made it easier for some shells to hit enemies from behind, so these moves were adjusted.

For more information on adjustments, check the following:

  • Fixed an issue where the effect remained when EX Psycho Blast was canceled by Gill’s Flame Javelin or Volcanic Storm.
  • V-Trigger II Yoga Sansara reduced the amount that the hitbox expanded inward.
  • Fixed the issue where blocking some attacks caused a lot of recoverable damage with V-Skill II “Dual Poison Dance“.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the opponent’s guard breakdown technique with the Sledgehammer after the V-Skill II Overchain was applied, causing the loss of the Overchain effect even if no damage was taken.
  • Active attack frames of V-Skill I Sonic Blade’s expanded hitbox changed from 42F to 2F.
  • Reduced Sonic Hurricane’s extended inward hitbox and changed the active attack frames of this piece from 50F to 2F.
  • Fixed the issue where Raid Jump would be performed if Surprise Foward / Surprise Back is entered at a certain time after V-Skill I Coward Crouch.
  • Spin Pendulum changes the opponent’s juggling behavior when it hits the air, reducing samples that a Cyclone Distaster pursue will miss.
  • The transition from the copied version of Air Stampede to Mad Spin has changed where the character appears and the difference in sentry recovery time.

Bug Fixes

  • On the battle confirmation screen for ranked matches, ordinary matches, and Battle Lounge, the antenna display shows a step slower than the actual response time.
  • Putting restrictions even when creating a Battle Lounge shows a step slower than the actual response time. (This is a fix for the bug reported at 3/24.)

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