Ubisoft is Giving Away Tom Clancy’s The Division via UPlay

Until September 8th, Ubisoft is giving away the technically good, but emotionally undercooled apocalyptic open-world MMO shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division (test) by Tom Clancy from 2016, which is mainly based on the DirectX 12 patch (benchmark) GPUs from AMD could increase again. Registration for UPlay is essential.

Ubisoft is Giving Away Tom Clancy's The Division via UPlay
Ubisoft is Giving Away Tom Clancy’s The Division via UPlay

Unpredictability is The Greatest Strength

Started with numerous advance praise, ComputerBase certified that the game, which uses a survival setting in quarantined New York as Ground Zero and also sees itself as a cooperative loot shooter, was a decent MMO in March 2016, but not a hit. Above all, the game lives from its unpredictability and offers so many great moments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division via UPlay

With a free registration for Ubisoft’s Internet sales platform UPlay, the mix of role-playing and action elements can be purchased free of charge on the corresponding website.

GPU Performance is The Key

The Division’s Snowdrop engine effortlessly brought next-gen optics to the screen in 2016, but also developed a decent appetite for GPU performance with the necessary, highest level of detail – it couldn’t be fast enough here, like ComputerBase in a separate benchmark article.

The Division is still a hardware eater today; Even in Full HD, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 is not enough to conjure up 60 frames per second in the highest preset on the monitor. A processor with four threads such as an Intel Core i3 or a corresponding AMD counterpart, on the other hand, is completely sufficient to fire up GPUs of all classes quickly enough.

FarCry 3 for Free via Ubisoft’s Chinese Store

The open-world first-person shooter FarCry 3 from 2012 can also be purchased free of charge in the Ubisoft Chinese Store, which is also possible without a corresponding VPN connection.

In the third part of the FarCry series, the player takes on the role of Jason Brody, a young American who falls into the hands of pirates on a vacation trip with his friends and after his escape from the pirate camp tries to free his friends and the leader kill the pirate, Vaas Montenegro.

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