New Windows 10 Update – Users no Longer Trust Microsoft

Bluescreens, missing files, faulty drivers, and many more problems. There doesn’t seem to be a single bug-free Windows 10 update. These horror stories seem to have made the rounds with a large number of users. So it’s no wonder that the majority of them no longer trust Microsoft.

New Windows 10 Update - Users no Longer Trust Microsoft
New Windows 10 Update – Users no Longer Trust Microsoft

Windows 10 Update May – 24 Percent Rely on The Latest Version

Updates and patches for Windows 10 are actually a fine thing. In many cases, Microsoft not only ensures that the system remains protected against viruses and malware by updating, but also refreshes the design from time to time and gives the operating system new functions.

However, after installing the latest version, numerous users repeatedly complain that something is wrong with their PC. In the Microsoft forums, there are numerous stories of computers that get stuck in the boot loop, have lost data after the update, or simply cannot install the latest version.

Word of that gets around and ensures a never change a running system mentality among loyal users, which is also reflected in the current figures.

As the AdDuplex platform found out after evaluating around 150,000 Windows 10 devices, the latest version 2004 was used on only 24.1 percent of them in August 2020. A low value if you keep in mind that the update has been available for download for several months.

Windows 10 May Update is Not Yet Available for Everyone

Version 1909, on the other hand, is much more popular, and 35.5 percent of users rely on it. Just behind, version 1903 from spring 2019 with 33.5 percent.

This year’s May update currently has to be content with third place. But that could not only be due to the lack of trust of Windows users.

Since Microsoft is only rolling out the May update bit by bit, many systems are currently not even offering it as a download. These users can start this manually and thus update the system themselves, but only very few will take this route.

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