Withings Scanwatch – Smartwatch with Analog Display

It’s beautiful, Withings’ Scanwatch. But there are doubts about the measured values.

Withings Scanwatch - Smartwatch with Analog Display
Withings Scanwatch – Smartwatch with Analog Display

The problem with many smartwatches, If you don’t feel like wearing a small computer on your wrist, you have to search for a long time. Fossil has some nice models, and so does Garmin. Withings is now launching the Scanwatch, one of the most beautiful smartwatches with the look of a classic chronograph.

The French particularly emphasize the health functions – the Scanwatch alone is not quite convincing here.

Withings was part of Nokia for a short time but has been self-employed again for two years. In addition to scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and a sleep tracker, the portfolio also includes watches.

Scanwatch as Health Wearable

The Scanwatch advertises Withings as the most advanced health wearable on the market. The watch measures the pulse and the number of steps, of course, to do this it wants to recognize the risk of atrial fibrillation, it can also record a single-channel EKG (electrocardiogram).

It also records pauses in breathing during sleep and oxygen saturation in the blood. Many of the functions have been clinically tested, the manufacturer assures.

In the test, however, the health values ​​can only convince to a limited extent. Sleep monitoring, for example, stops immediately when you wake up at night – and is therefore not suitable for users with sleep disorders.

Of all things. The apnea detection provides different results than the sleep tracker Sleep, also from Withings. The pulse is only measured every ten minutes – but the Scanwatch’s battery lasts up to 30 days. However, Fitbit and Garmin, for example, continuously monitor the heart.

Still, the Scanwatch is worth a look. In the past, Withings has continuously improved its own products with updates. The Withings app is now really good, gives tips and, if desired, even creates a health report for the family doctor, which can be printed out.

After all, the design is pleasing, the bright, circular OLED display below the 12 o’clock position is hardly noticeable, especially on the dark dial. It only lights up when necessary and then shows smartphone messages.

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